Ice skating – winter sport that is getting more and more popular all over the world. Why? Because in comparison with other sports, ice skating is:
● Safe: Experts point out that injuries got from ice skating are far lower than the other kinds of sport
● Beneficial: Ice skating provides both a great physical workout and a creative outlet
● Suitable for everyone: Ice skating is the sport of all seasons, all ages, welfare and ability levels. It is easy to learn! It is the sport for everyone!

Gardenice gives you opportunity to try ice skating in Bandung. Gardenice rink is the only one rink in the city made of real ice that allows you to be totally involved into winter sport experience. It is not only fun, entertaining and exciting - it teaches you important life skills, makes you more confident and independent, develops you in creative, social and physical way. Sounds good? So give it a try!

Our prices will kindly surprise you:

1 Full day 1 entire 120.000 (weekdays)
140.000 (weekends)
160.000 (Public Holiday and School holiday)
GI buddies 1 year 175.000  
GI premium 1 Months 1.500.000  
* Price includes skate rental. Price is stated in IDR